Portable Autoclave LX100POA

Portable Autoclave LX100POA

Portable autoclave LX100POA is an advance steam sterilizer mechanism which is used to kill harmful bacteria, HIV, HBV, Mad cow viruses, and Bacillus viruses and spores. Its sterilizing temperature 126 °C in minimum time. It’s facilitate with interior circulate system, self-inflating leak proof chamber, electric or LPG heated, double scale indication pressure gauge and advance safety features.

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Volume of Chamber12 L
Working temperature126 ℃
Heating modeElectrically / LPG heated
Working pressure0.14 ~ 0.16 Mpa
Max safety pressure0.165 Mpa
Heat average≤ ± 1℃
Temp adjustment105 ~ 126 ℃
PowerAC 220 V / 50 Hz
Overall Dimension360 × 360 ×420 mm
Net Weight11 Kg
Gross Weight12 Kg

Sterilizing Temperature 126 °C

Automatic shutoff preventing overheats of chamber

Automatic power cut off with alarm with low water level indication

Safety door lock system

Pressure 0.14 -0.16 Mpa

Environment friendly

Friendly door structure

Safe and reliable

Used in Medical, Research Institutions, Laboratory, Drinking Water Plant, Food industry, Hospital, Agriculture, Hospital, Scientific Research.

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