Hybridization Oven LX232HO

Hybridization Oven LX232HO

Hybridization Oven LX232HO is a table top unit with built-in shaking mechanism along with microcomputer controller. Hot air convection provides an extremely precise and uniform temperature environment. Dual glass door prevents radiation and unique furnace design helps in uniform air circulation.

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Temperature RangeAmbient Temp 5°C to 100°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C
Temperature Error±0.03°C
Display Resolution0.1°C
Temperature Equilibrium Time<20min
Rotation Speed(6-25)r/min, Adjustable
Continuous Working Time24hrs
Hybrid tube max. number6 pcs
Tube Specification35×240mm
Voltage220VAV, 50Hz
Continuous working time24 hour
Shake base bottomYes
External dimension440 X 480 X 430 mm
Internal dimension340 X 220 X 220 mm
Net weight25 Kg

Microcomputer temperature control system

Hot air convection technology

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel internal surface

Dual glass door preventing radiation

Rotating pipe for easy assembly and disassembly of hybrid tubes

Unique furnace design for proper circulation of air

Provides quick heating

Used in molecular biology labs, research labs, and other labs where DNA, RNA, or protein identification needs to be done. It is an ideal instrument for Northern, Southern and Western blot techniques.
Optional Hybrid tube: 35 X 150 mm, 35 X 300 mm

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