Low speed centrifuge LX106LSC

Low speed centrifuge LX106LSC

Low Speed Centrifuge LX106LSC is a microprocessor controlled table to centrifuge with a speed range of 4000 rpm. Integrated with touch panel and digital display features visual monitoring and easy access of parameters like speed and time. Provisional settings for parameters to be set and changed during a run. Self-diagnosis system automatically detects errors for user ease.

Maximum speed4000 rpm
Maximum RCF2580 × g
Maximum capacity24 x 10 ml
Timer range1 ~ 99 min
Speed accuracy± 30 rpm
Noise≤ 60 dBA

Speed - 4000 rpm

Provision for setting parameters during run

Self-diagnostic system for automated error detection

Countdown time showed by seconds if the centrifugation time is less than 1 min

Used to analyze and separate blood components, in performing serological test in hospitals and research institutes
Name of Rotor Maximum speed (rpm) Maximum capacity (ml) Maximum RCF (x g)
R1 4000 24 x 10 2580
R2 4000 4 x 50 2580
R3 4000 12 x 15 2580
Name of Adapter Maximum capacity (ml)
A1 for rotor R2 24 x 10
A2 for rotor R3 12 x 1.5
12 x 5
12 x 7

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