Low speed centrifuge LX120LSC

Low speed centrifuge LX120LSC

Low Speed Centrifuge LX120LSC is a table top centrifuge with a speed range of 6000 rpm. Integrated digital display to set and track the speed, time, RCF and other parameters required in the operations .It features an electric lid lock system, which provides protection against high speed and imbalance.

Maximum speed6000 rpm
Maximum RCF5120 × g
Maximum capacity16 x 15 ml
Timer range1 ~ 99 min
Speed accuracy± 30 rpm
Noise≤ 65 dBA
Power250 W
Power supplyAC 220 V ± 22 V 50 / 60 Hz 5A

Speed - 6000 rpm

Memory storage upto 10 programs

Can set 10 different speeds

Micro computer controlled system with digital display to set RCF, speed and time

Electric lid lock system for safety

Used for qualitative analysis in hospitals, blood banks, research institutes
Name of Rotor Maximum speed (rpm) Maximum capacity (ml) Maximum RCF (x g)
R1 5000 12 x 15 5120
R2 4200 2760
Name of Adapter Maximum capacity (ml)
A1 for rotor R2 15 ml falcon
1.5 ml
5 ml
7 ml
1.5 ml
0.5 ml

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