Low speed centrifuge LX121LSC

Low speed centrifuge LX121LSC

Low Speed Centrifuge LX121LSC is a table top centrifuge with a speed range of 6000 rpm. It can run large capacity samples at controlled temperature. Its automatic lid lock unit provides protection against over temperature and imbalance. In this centrifuge rotor is connected to spindle by specialized taper sleeve for simple and quick loading of the sample. It has variety of rotors for easy and safe loading of samples.

Maximum speed6000 rpm
Maximum RCF6600 x g
Maximum capacity4 x 100 ml
Timer range0 ~ 99 h 59 min
Speed accuracy± 50 r / min
Noise≤ 55dBA
Power supplyAC 110 / 220 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 20A

Speed - 6000 rpm

Micro computer controlled system with digital display to set RCF, speed and time

Storage upto 10 programs in memory

Provision for setting 10 different speeds

Automatic lid lock unit for safe operations Wide range of rotors are available which ensure easy and safe loading

Used for research and development in biochemistry, biological products, pharmaceutical factory and laboratory
Rotor Name Maximum Speed ( rpm ) Maximum Capacity ( ml ) Maximum RCF x g
Swing Rotor 01 4000 4 x 1000 ( Round Cup ) 4060
Angle Rotor 01 6000 4 x 300 5390
Angle Rotor 02 6000 6 x 300 5660
Angle Rotor 03 6000 6 x 500 6600

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