Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LX111LSR

Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LX111LSR

Low speed refrigerated centrifuge LX111LSR is a microprocessor controlled unit with a speed of 6000 rpm. Equipped with a LCD display to view and monitor speed and time range for user ease. Features storage upto 30 different kinds of programs. Integrated with additional features like auto electric lid lock system and fluorine free compressor with double cycle cooling and heating effect.

Maximum speed6000 rpm
Maximum RCF6600 x g
Maximum capacity4 x 1000 ml
Timer range0 - 99 hr 59 min
Speed accuracy± 50 rpm
Temperature setting range-20 ℃ to 40 ℃
Temperature accuracy± 1 ℃
Noise≤ 55 dB
Power supplyAC 110 - 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 20 A
Dimension800 x 675 x 830 mm
Weight220 kgs

Speed - 6000 rpm

Microprocessor controlled system

3 tier protective steel covering to ensure safety

Digital display that shows all the running parameters

Fluorine free compressor with double cycle cooling and heating effect

Automatic electric lid lock system that provides protection against over speed, over temperature and imbalance

Precise in temperature control

Ten kinds of programs can be stored in the memory

User can select among ten different kinds of accelerating and decelerating speed

Wide range of rotors is available

Adapters can be designed as per the experimental requirement

Used in biochemical and clinical labs for precipitate separation, serum analysis etc. and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and at blood station. It is ideal for DNA, RNA, PCR or antibody analysis
Rotor Name Maximum Speed ( rpm ) Maximum Capacity ( ml ) Maximum RCF x g
Swing rotor 01 4000 4 x 1000 4060
Angle rotor 01 6000 4 x 300 5390
Angle rotor 02 6000 6 x 300 5660
Angle rotor 03 6000 6 x 500 6600
Adapter for 1000 ml bucket
Volume 5 ml 7 ml 10 ml 15 ml 50 ml
1000 ml 23 pcs/cup 23 19 14 5

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