Mini centrifuge LX179MC

Mini centrifuge LX179MC

Mini centrifuge LX179MC is a portable centrifuge with a speed of 4000 rpm. Enclosed structure avoids splashing of sample during ongoing cycles and self-balancing mechanism inhibits hindrance caused while spinning.

Maximum speed10000 rpm
Maximum RCF ( Round rotor )5000 x g
Sample-handling capacity6 x 1.5 ml
6 x 0.5 ml
6 x 0.2 ml
2 x 8 x 0.2 ml
Noise< 53 dB
Power SupplyAC 100 V to 242 V
Wattage30 W
Dimension160 x 200 x 123 mm
Weight1.2 kgs

Maximum speed - 10000 rpm

Automated lid opening system

Electronic braking system - efficient sample processing

See through lid for viewing the process ( Sample disintegration )

Click-on design for effortless interchangeable rotor

Used for removal of cell debris, separating precipitate from proteins /antibodies and for pelleting DNA/RNA/ PCR samples

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