Mini centrifuge LX182MC

Mini centrifuge LX182MC

Mini centrifuge LX182MC is a portable unit with a maximum speed of 14,500 rpm and short-spin function for instant centrifugation. Aluminum alloy rotor is resistant to chemicals and can be sterilized, avoiding any type of contamination. Automated lock system and high ventilation flow avoids over heating of product, making it suitable for temperature sensitive samples. Continuous operational mechanism with sample processing at short time interval.

Maximum speed1000 rpm ~ 14,500 rpm
Maximum RCF ( Round rotor )14,100 × g
Speed accuracy100 rpm
Time range15 s to 99 mins / continuous operation
Maximum capacity12 × 2.0 ml
Speed increment100 rpm
Maximum RCF increment100 rpm
Noise< 55 dB
Acceleration time18 s
Decelration time13 s
Power Supply120 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
240 V, 50 Hz
Wattage85 W
Dimension226 × 239 × 120 mm
Weight4.3 kgs

Speed - 14,500 rpm

Short-spin button for instantaneous centrifugation

Digital LCD panel for easy viewing and adjusting speed and time

Automated RPM/RCF conversion with simultaneous time and speed display

Chemically resistant Aluminum alloy rotor (can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure)

Electronic lock function for users safety

Automated lid opening function protects sample from overheating

Used for microbial sample processing, PCR analysis, for pelleting of DNA and RNA samples, serum separation processes
Rotor type Maximum speed ( rpm ) Capacity ( ml ) Maximum RCF x g
Metal 14800 1.5 × 12 16600
14500 2.0 × 12 14100

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