Oil Test Centrifuge LX102OTC

Oil Test Centrifuge LX102OTC

Oil Test Centrifuge LX102OTC is design based on the method to measure moisture and precipitate in crude oil, it is specially designed of glass centrifuge tube. It comprises of AC frequency conversion motor with LCD and LED display (optional) and High torque AC frequency conversion motor. It is ideal equipment for oil extraction and for scientific institute to measure moisture level. Microcomputer control system, revise parameters without stopping.

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Maximum speed4000 rpm
Maximum RCF4250 × g
Maximum capacity8 × 100 ml
Time setting range1 min to 99 min
Noise≤ 65 dB (A)
Revolutions/min±20r / min
Chamber diameterφ 500 mm
Power supplyAC 220±22V 50Hz 15A
Power1500 W
Outer Dimensions825 × 625 × 910 mm
Package Dimensions930 × 730 × 1010 mm
Dimensions ( W x D x H )370 x 432 x 250 mm
Net weight108 kg
Gross weight128 kg

AC frequency conversion motor

Ring shape heater equipped with temperature control

Design with glass centrifuge tube

Microcomputer control system

Fault diagnosis system for over speed, imbalance and over heat

Lid lock system

Swing out Rotor Maximum speed ( rpm ) Maximum capacity Maximum RCF ( x g )
R1 4000 24 x 10 ml 3150 x g
R2 4000 4 x 100 ml 4250 x g
R3 4000 8 x 100 ml 4250 x g

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