Biochemical BOD Incubators LX700BOD

Biochemical BOD Incubators LX700BOD

Biochemical BOD Incubator LX700BOD is microprocessor controlled, with dynamically self-diagnostic control technology for prevention of any failures or damage to the equipment as well as makes detection easy. Also equipped with compressor, temperature controller and temperature sensor.

Chamber Volume80L
Temperature Control Range5℃-60℃
Temperature Accuracy±0.1℃ at 37℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.3℃
Temperature Uniformity±0.3℃ at 37℃
Chamber Dimensions400*400*500 mm
External Dimensions550*650*1180 mm
Net Weight73kg
Shelf Size346*380
Shelf Quantity ( std./max)2/5 pcs
Power Supply220V / 50Hz

Chamber material - 304 stainless steel and powder steel coating housing material

Two stainless steel shelves with adjustable space

Compressor with over-pressure and under-pressure protection, intelligent defrost, self-checking on-and-off control program and internal refrigeration device

To ensure uniformity of incubator chamber temperature it is provided with Omni-directional 3D heating technology

Thermostatic controller with high-speed, high-performance CPU chip

High-sensitivity and high precision Pt resistance sensor

Preset programmed control with timing range up to 99 hours for power-on, power-off and working

Multiple alarms for sensor failure, high/low temperature deviation, over temperature

Can store the parameters given in the memory

Temperature display calibration

These are designed for analysis of water body, BOD test, cultivation and storage of bacteria, molds and microorganisms, plant cultivation and seed-breeding test in the field of environmental protection, medical and scientific research.

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