Constant Temperature Incubator LX12CTI

Constant Temperature Incubator LX12CTI

It is designed for natural convection heating circulation and gentle breeze circulation which ensure temperature regularity smoothness. Stainless steel inner container with LCD screens and in which multiple groups of data can be displayed at a time. Equipped with wide hollow tempered glass door and observation window and there is adjustable air-tight buckle lock and silicon rubber seal for better safety.

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Volume45 L
Cycle ModeForced convection
Temp. Resolution Ratio0.1℃
Temp. Motion±1℃
Temp. Uniformity±1.0℃
Inner ChamberMirror Stainless Steel
Outer ShellCold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Insulation LayerHigh quaility foam board
HeaterStainless steel heater
Power Rating0.5 kW
Exhaust Holeφ28mmtop (with function of test hole)
Temp. Control ModeTwo temperature section intelligent PID
Temp. Setting ModeTouch button setting
Temp. Display ModeMeasuring temperature: LCD upper screen
Setting temperature: the lower row
Timer0-9999min (with timing wait function)
Operation FunctionFixed temperature operation, Timing function, Auto stop
Additional FunctionSensor deviation correction, Temperature overshoot self-tuning, internal parameter locking, Power-off parameter memory
Inner Chamber Size (W x L x H)350 x 350 x 350 mm
Exterior Size (W x L x H)500 x 550 x 735 mm
Shelf Number7
Load Per Rack15 kg
Shelf Space35 mm
Gross Weight45 kg
Package Size (W x L x H)590 x 625 x 885 mm

Natural convection heating circulation

Adjustable speed fans

Digital independent temperature limiter

Observation window

Flexible positioning and removable shelf for convenient cleaning

Adjustable air-tight buckle lock

Used in food processing, agriculture, biochemistry, biology, and medicine industry for bacterium and microorganism culturing experiment etc.
Accessory No Specifications
1 Shelf X 2
Accessory No Specifications
1 Shelf
2 RS485 interface
3 Printer
4 Program temperature control device
5 Remote control
6 Wireless SMS alarm

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