Electro-Thermal Incubator LX304ETI

Electro-Thermal Incubator LX304ETI

Electro-Thermal Incubator LX304ETI is equipped with microprocessor temperature controller to view the setting temperature and incubator inner temperature simultaneously. For the uniformity of incubator inner temperature, the heated air circulation system consists of imported circulating blower and heating pipe. The electric heating adopts the external heating type without the disadvantage of excessive temperature or damage to the culture.

Temperature RangeRoom Temperature +5℃-65℃
Temperature Resolution0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Workroom Size Dimensions600*600*750 mm
External Dimensions730*720*1090 mm
Package Dimensions880*860*1280 mm
Gross Weight112kg
Net Weight86kg
Power SupplyAC 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz

Provided with digital display to view the setting temperature and actual temperature

Has protection functions against over temperature, sensor failure, electricity leakage and over current as well as functions of timing and audible and visual alarming

Provided with self-tuning PID controller

The Interior material is finished stainless steel and is convenient for cleaning as all the four corners are circular

Equipped with observation glass window to view the analysis and also have hidden door locks

To cut off the heating sources there is mechanical overheat protection

Provided with an automatic alarm for indication of completion of the operation

Used for fungi storage and biology culture in scientific research industries like medical service, medicine service, medicine, biology, agriculture etc.

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