Heating Incubator LX501HC

Heating Incubator LX501HC

Heating Incubator LX501HC can differ from volume to temperature ranges and is devoted to bring out the best outcomes for the product. It is a necessary equipment for Scientific Research. Its purpose is to Cultivate Bacteria and Mold and to store also. Mostly designed for conducting shelf life studies, life cycle testing and bacterial incubation.

Temperature Range+5~65 ℃
Display Resolution0.1 ℃/ ±0.5℃
Ambient Temperature+5-35℃
Power Consumption200W
Chamber Volume35L
Interior Dimensions340 x 320 x 320mm
Exterior Dimensions620 x 490 x 490mm
Electrical Requirement220V 50HZ
Timing Range1~5999min

Large LCD Screen for Displaying Data

A Timing Controller with Microprocessor which is Easy operable

Diagonal Duct Structure effectively ensures the temperature uniformity

Mirror Stainless Steel Chamber and semi-circular arcs corner design which can be cleaned conveniently

Spaces between the shelves is Adjustable

Sandblasted coating on the incubator which prevent scratching and is easy to clean

Alarms for Over Temperature and Temperature Difference is provided

Inner Glass door for easy observation

Incubators are used for Storage and Cultivation of Micro-Organisms, they also help in incubating and growth of cells, widely used in Laboratories and Research Institutes and is opted in Colleges for Research Purposes and also in Universities.

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