Laboratory Micro-plate Incubator LX122MPI

Laboratory Micro-plate Incubator LX122MPI

Laboratory Micro-plate Incubator LX122MPI is a PID controlled plate incubator with continuous operational mode with controlled time and temperature.Simultaneous setting and actual temperature display mode with a capacity for 4 plates.Equipped with uniform up and down heating mode for samples in micro-plates.Used for 96 well / 384 well ELISA plate and 24 well / 48 well / 96 well cell culture plate.

Sample capacity4 pieces of plates ( Height < 40 mm )
Heating speed≤ 25 mins ( 20 ˚C to 70 ˚C )
Platform temperature uniformity± 0.5 ˚C
Temperature display accuracy0.1 ˚C
Time range1 min ~ 99h 59 mins
Temperature control rangeRT 5 °C ~ 70 °C
Temperature setting range5 ˚C ~ 70 ˚C
Temperature stability 37 °C± 0.2 ˚C
VoltageAC 220 V / AC 110 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power250 W
Fuse250 V , 3A / 5A , ᴓ 5 x 20
Dimension345 x 310 x 178 mm
Weight4.9 kgs

Simultaneous time and temperature display on LCD screen with diminishing time

Microprocessor controlled time and temperature

Uniform up and down heating of samples

Continuous operational mode

Auto fault detector with buzzer alarm

Built-in over temperature protection device

Used for enzyme or cell-based assays, researches on bacteria cultivation, fermentation, hybridization, chemical and biochemical reaction, enzyme and tissue research etc.

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