Magnetic Sensor Analytical Balance LX301MSB

Magnetic Sensor Analytical Balance LX301MSB

It is a high speed analytical weighing balance. Built-in magnetic force balance sensor for faster weighing with stability. The panel features five operational buttons with a slide glass windscreen for easy operation. Specially makes the fine pouring cast aluminum outer covering to enhance the balance of the antistatic and anti-jamming capability.

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Weighing capacity300 g
Minimum weighing0.004 g
Resolution0.001 g
Stable time≤ 3 S
DisplayLCD (white back light with black font)
Pan sizeФ 80 mm / Ф 90 mm
Operation temp5-25 °C
Repeat ability±0.002 g
Liner± 0.003 g
Draft shield size240 x 190 x 265 mm
Cal. weight200 g
Packing size475 x 315 x 485 mm
Gross weight10 kgs

Cast aluminum outer covering

Five operational button panel

Sliding glass windscreen

High precision magnet sensor

Can be connected to external printer

Anti-jamming and anti-static

RS232 / RS485 interfaces provides speedy communication with computers and printers

Used for sample/standard preparation, formulation, differential weighing, density determination, interval weighing and pipette routine testing.
RS232C & RS485

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