Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer LX100ABA

Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer LX100ABA

Automatic biochemistry analyzer LX100ABA is a completely automated benchtop chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests per hour. Designed with expanded on-board testing, reduced sample volume, and simple operation, this is a suitable biochemical analyzer for low to mid-volume hospitals and laboratories worldwide. It has an easy-to-use interface that provides a long-term basis for analytical performance. This system contains standardized test menus, assay methods, instrument operations, and reference ranges, all of which limit operator variation and offer consistent quality results.

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Throughput200 Tests/hour
Analysis MethodEnd-point, Fixed-time, Rate(Kinetic)
Sample Positions37 sample positions
Reagent Position28 reagent positions
Sample Volume2-70µl
Reagent Volume20-350µl
ProbeTeflon coating, with anti-collision function, liquid level detection function
Probe WashingAutomatic washing interior and exterior
Reagent CoolingRefrigerated tray with independent switch
Temperature Control37+0.2℃, real-time monitoring
Cuvettes48 reusable cuvettes, optical length 6mm
Mixer probeIndependent stirring
WashingAutomatic cuvettes washing
STAT functionYes
Light Source6V/10W halogen lamp
SpectrophotometryPost-spectral spectrophotometry
Wavelength340, 405, 450, 480, 505, 546, 570, 600, 630, 700, 750, 800 nm
CalibrationLinear:K factor, 1-point ,2-point and multipoint linear
Non-Linear:Spline,Polygon, Index, Ogarithm, Logit-4P, Logit-5P
Quality ControlReal-time QC, Westgard multi rule, Cumulative Sum Check,Twin Plot (2D)
SoftwareWindows 7/8/10 , 32 or 64bit
LIS SystemBi-direction, support HL7 protocol
InterfaceLAN port access
Power SupplyAC220V±10%,50/60Hz, 110V±10%,60Hz, 300W
Water ConsumptionDeionized water:<5L/H
External Size (W x D x H)625 x 425 x 460 mm
Net weight36 kg
Package Size (W x D x H)730 x 530 x 880 mm
Gross Weight55 kg

Designed with uninterrupted workflow

Probe with anti-collision and liquid-level detection function

Refrigerated tray with independent switch and 24-hour cooling system

Mixer probe having Teflon coating to avoid cross-contamination

It has intelligent software

Independent 3-step washing through washing probe

Robust testing capabilities

Efficient reagent and consumable use

Simplify operations with user-friendly graphical user interface design and touch-screen monitor

Automatic biochemistry analyzer used in many biology and histopathology laboratories to extract the serum, plasma, urine or any other body fluid, Research institutes etc.

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