Top-Loading Autoclaves LX767TA

Top-Loading Autoclaves LX767TA

The LABDEX range of top-loading vertical autoclaves is one of the most versatile and cost efficient steam sterilizers available in the market. Our 304L grade fully stainless steel pressure vessel is completely seamless providing a smooth and clean interior. This series ranges from 35 to 75 Liters. They feature a simple, hand-wheel door closure.

Capacity50 L
Working temperature126°-128°C
Pressure range0.145-.0165 Mpa
Chamber dimensionsɸ 340×525 mm
Output power3.5 kW
Weight58 Kg
Dimension570×570×1300 mm

Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure, easy and safe operating

304L grade fully stainless steel device

Self-expandable sealing ring and dual scale numerical indication pressure gauge

Provides safe protection without water

Mechanical safety interlocking device

Safety procedures are not compromised during the cycle, as they are completely sealed and have interlocking doors

Used to sterilize culture media, instruments, dressings, intravenous equipment, rubber closure of glass equipment used in aseptic techniques and numerous objects that can withstand high temperature and pressure.

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