Double Display Balances LX33DDB

Double Display Balances LX33DDB

It is a high resolution table top unit built with superior precision load cell sensor for accurate weighing and stability. It has easy balance tare and quick stabilization providing reliable weight measurements. Equipped with dual LCD displays for visual monitoring of the measured weight from the opposite directions and operational buttons for manual operations. Dynamic weighing with count, percentage and multiple unit conversion feature.

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Weighing capacity20000 g
Minimum weighing0.1 g
Pan size250 × 190 mm
Operational temperature5 °C - 25 °C
Calibration systemExternal calibration
DisplayDual LCD (optional)
Power220 V / 110 V
Outer dimensions320 × 260 × 110 mm
Weight4 kgs

High precision load cell sensor

Dynamic weighing with count, percentage and multiple unit conversion feature

Anti- corrosive stainless steel pan

Fluctuation free readings

Automated calibration

Rechargeable batteries

Dual LCD display (white backlight and black font) for visual monitoring

Used for sample/standard preparation, formulation, differential weighing, density determination, interval weighing and pipette routine testing.
Accessory No Accessory Name
01 Rechargeable battery
02 Double LCD display
03 Under hook

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