Immunohematology Centrifuge LX101IHC

Immunohematology Centrifuge LX101IHC

Immunohematology Centrifuge LX101IHC is a microprocessor controlled table top unit with a speed range of 3000 rpm. Features programmable operational modes which do not require debugging.

Maximum speed3000 rpm
Maximum RCF1000 x g
Maximum capacity7 ml x 12
Speed accuracy± 30 rpm
Time setting range1 min to 99 min
Power100 W
Power SupplyAC 220 V ± 22 V 50 / 60 Hz 2A
Noise< 62 dB
Dimensions ( W x D x H )330 x 375 x 250 mm
Net Weight16 kgs

Speed range - 3000 rpm

Microprocessor controlled

Programmable operational modes

Two rotors for erythrocyte and lymphocyte washing

Used for separation and washing lymphocytes and erythrocytes
Rotor Name Rotor No RCF x g Time Usage
HLA ( swing ) 1 2000 x g 180 s Lymphocyte separation and cultured cell separation
2 1000 x g 3 s Platelet removal ( thrombin processing )
3 1000 x g 60 s Lymphocyte washing
SERO 4 500 x g 60 s Blood type determination and observation of hem agglutination reaction
( angle ) 5 1000 x g 15 s The testing of intersectant aptness and antistaphyoloysin
6 1000 x g 60 s Hematocyte washing, the extraction of the serum and plasma

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