Stomacher Blender LX10SCB

Stomacher Blender LX10SCB

Stomacher Blender LX10SCB is a slap type homogenizes designed with intelligent program control to set flapping time, speeds. It tests concentrated and both diluted samples, solid samples fitted in sterile homogeneous bag with large LCD display. Equipped with Adjustable switch rotating handle and easy opening of door for neat cleaning.

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Capacity3 to 400 ml
Power300 W
Sterile homogenizer bags100 sheets
Dimension of homogenizer bags300 × 170 mm
Flapping time0.1 to 99 mins 59 seconds or Continuous
Flapping speed3 to 12 times / second
Flapping space0 to 50 mm adjustable
Temperature control rangeNil
Disinfection agentNil
Program storage3 groups
Power supply110 V, 220 V / 50 Hz
Internal dimension (W × D × H)460 × 250 × 330 mm
External dimension (W × D × H)550 × 320 × 450 mm
Net weight22 kgs
Gross weight28 kgs

Adjustable switch rotating handle

Easy opening of door

Homogenizer with large LCD display

304 stainless steel homogenous bracket

Slap before and after the device adjustable distance

No need of heating, sterilization or washing of utensils

Used to extract and wash intact microbes into solution. They are very common tools for food testing laboratories, and are also used in environmental labs and life science research labs.
Sterile Homogenizer Bags (PC+PE material): (170 × 300 mm) / 100 pcs. 304 Stainless Steel Bracket: (can put 5 Samples per time) / 01 Unit

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