Vertical Autoclave LX121VA

Vertical Autoclave LX121VA

Vertical Autoclave LX121VA is a top loading mechanism that provides a safe, environment-friendly, economical and advanced autoclave for the laboratory. It’s equipped with a capacitive color LCD touch screen display, automatic control panel, Pulse vacuum, PT-TT testing port, and steam generator. It’s a suitable laboratory autoclave for sterilizing glass wares, biological materials, fabrics and culture media in clinical laboratories, research centers, schools, colleges and universities and the healthcare industry.

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Volume of chamber80 Liters
ControlPLC microprocessor
DisplayLCD touch screen display
Sterilizing chamber volumeØ396 x H650 mm
Working pressure0.22 Mpa
Max. working pressure0.25 Mpa
Working temperature0 - 134 °C
Max working temperature138 °C
Vacuum rate- 0.81Mpa
Sterilization timer range0-99 Minutes
Temperature accuracy0.1°C
Heat average≤ 0.5℃
Power5.4KW, 210-240V, 50/60Hz, single-phase
Product dimension690 x 560 x 1040 mm
Net weight170 kg
Package dimension790 x 660 x 1140 mm
Gross weight190 Kg

Elevated type door

7-inch capacitive color touch screen display

Automatic system for water inlet, heating, sterilizing, water outlet, exhausting to drying by one key operation

Came with pre-set fixed sterilization cycles (including solid, Liquid, instrument and agar) and user-defined cycles

0.2µm sterilize ventilation system

Equipped with an independent steam generator with high heating efficiency

Clean and dry sterilizing environment facilitated by steam water-inner circulation system

Made internally with 316L and the external material is 304 stainless steel with electrostatic powder-coated stainless steel

Features like heat protection, Anti-dry heating, safety interlock door, Over-Temperature, pressure and current protection, Automatic release safety valve, Electric safety protection device and emergency exhaust switch for a safe and effective sterilizing process

Vertical Autoclave is used in Biotechnology, microbiology, the medical and healthcare industry, scientific research centers, schools, colleges, institutions and universities for sterilizing processes also suitable for items that are high temperature-resisting and high pressure-resisting including unwrapped or wrapped instrument, dressing, rubber, liquid, plant-in instrument, porous item, hollow instrument to be sterilized.
1. Drainage hoses: 3 pcs
2. Drain (exhaust) bucket: 1 pcs
3. Stainless steel tray: 2 pcs
4. Sterilization basket: 2 pcs
5. Water tank: 1 pcs
6. Printer: 1 pcs
7. USB interface
Non vacuum function is optional

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