Vertical Autoclave LX461VA

Vertical Autoclave LX461VA

Vertical Autoclave LX461VA is a sterilizing mechanism made by fully stainless structure with an electrical heater along with temperature and pressure controller, and smarty designed with user friendly hand wheel type door structure. It’s equipped with self-inflating seal for protection from leakage, safety and releasing valve beep alarm indication after sterilization process and auto power cutoff, microcomputer controlled, digital display for work status and touch type screen for friendly operation. It’s ideal equipment for sterilization of glass wares, biological materials, fabrics and culture media in clinical laboratories, CSSD, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, research centers, college and university, and health care industry.

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Chamber size (Dia×D)50 L / Ø340 x 550 mm
Max. Working pressure0.23Mpa
Working pressure0.15 - 0.22Mpa
Working temperature range110 - 134 ℃
Accuracy of temperature display0.1 ℃
Sterilization time0-99 min or 0-99 hour 59min
Drying time0-99 min or 0-99 hour 59 min
Heat average≤± 1 ℃
ControlPID Microprocessor
DoorHand wheel quick open door
DisplayLCD display
Drying systemYes
Sterilization basket2 Pcs
Voltage110-240V, 50/60Hz, single-phase
Product Dimension710 x 460 x 1150 mm
Package dimension780 x 570 x 1290 mm
Net weight100 kgs
Gross weight125 kgs

Digital display of temperature, pressure, time and vacuum with touch keypad

Automatic system for water inlet, heating, draining, sterilizing, exhausting air and drying

Four fixed programs for the appliance, medical dressing, rubber and fluid

Equipped with 4 pre-set sterilization programs and 1 user - defined program

PT/TT testing connector for easy testing

Equipped with two stainless steel baskets and hand wheel type of quick-open door structure for easy to operate device

Advanced steam water inner circulation system

Safe and reliable

Facilitate with safety features

Vertical Autoclave is used in Biotechnology, microbiology, medical and healthcare industry, CSSD, pharmaceuticals, hospitals scientific research center, college, university for sterilizing process.

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