Manifold Top Press Freeze Dryer LX2160MFD

Manifold Top Press Freeze Dryer LX2160MFD

Manifold Top Press Freeze Dryer LX2160MFD is a bechtop unit with a condensing capacity of 3 kg to 4 kg / 24 h and a temperature of -50°C. It is allow lyophilization of wide spectrum of sample volumes. It facilitates the connection of eight different sizes of flasks ranging from 50 ml to 1200 ml. built-in transparent drying chamber helps in visualization of drying process. Big opening condenser with external coiling tubes facilitates pre-freezing function. It has Color LCD touch screen displays running time, display sample temperature, condenser temperature, vacuum degree, and save data automatically.

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Condenser temperature-50°C
Condenser capacity3 to 4 kg / 24 h
Freeze drying area0.1 Sq.m
Bulk capacity1 L, 10 mm thickness
Vial capacityΦ 12 mm: 656 pieces
Φ 16 mm: 372 pieces
Φ 22 mm: 196 pieces
Manifold8 ports
Flasks1000 ml
500 ml
250 ml
100 ml
50 ml
600 ml wide neck flask
1200 ml wide neck flask
Condenser sizeΦ 215 mm, 140 mm deep
Drying chamber sizeΦ 260 x 540 mm
CoolingAir cooling
Ambient temperature≤25°C
DefrostingOff cycle defrosting
Trays4 layers
Tray dimensionΦ 180 mm
Tray spacing50 mm
Vacuum pump flow rate7.2m3 / h; 2L/S
Vacuum< 10 PA
Power970 W
Voltage220V/50 Hz; 110V/60Hz; 120V/ 60Hz
Dimensions610 x 450 x (370 + 540) mm
Weight80 kgs

Condenser temperature -50°C

Color LCD touch screen display, display of sample temperature, vacuum curve degree, cold trap temperature curve

Acrylic drying Chamber is safe and easy to view sample status

High pumping speed vacuum pump

Pre-freezing function

Anti-corrosive stainless steel air inlet valve

USB port to output freeze drying data

It is use for preserving a wide variety of heat-sensitive materials such as proteins, microbes, pharmaceuticals, tissues & plasma.

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