Blood ID centrifuge  LX101BIC

Blood ID centrifuge LX101BIC

Blood ID centrifuge LX101BIC is unit has a speed of 4000 rpm, designed for separation and filtration of micro sample quantities. Microprocessor control with backup storage for up to 40 different programs. Automatically calibrates and synchronizes value for required centrifugal force. User friendly function with digitalized control panel for adjusting speed, time and viewing ongoing parameters. Automated door locking system ensures user’s safety.

Maximum speed4000 rpm
Maximum RCF1790 × g
Speed accuracy± 20 rpm
Time setting range1 min ~ 99 mins
Speed increment10 rpm
Noise< 60 dB
Power supplyAC 220 V ± 22 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, 10 A
Power250 W
Dimension ( W x D x H )322 mm × 322 mm × 268 mm
Weight15 kgs

Maximum speed - 4000 rpm

Clear digital display for viewing speed and time

Parameters can be modified during ongoing operations

Additional 15 memory slots for personalized settings

Operational programme settings upto storage for 40 sets

Automated door lock system – enhance user’s safety

Structure made of stainless steel (resistant to rust)

Used for diagnostic and research purposes in hospitals, research institutes, university laboratory (for blood loss, polycythemia, anemia, bone marrow failure, leukemia and multiple myeloma)
Rotor type Max. speed Capacity Max. RCF
R1 12000 rpm 0.25 ml × 24 14170 × g
R2 12000 rpm 1.0 ml × 24 14170 × g

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