Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer LX704EOS

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer LX704EOS

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer LX704EOS is a constant temperature heating box type sterilizer vertical cabinet with manual door opening with 460 L of capacity. The inner chamber material is made of 304 anti-corrosion type stainless steel, and the outer chamber material is of carbon steel (thickness 1.8 mm) baked with plastic powder. Came with built-in temperature; humidity; and pressure sensors with an automatic control system ensure stability, efficiency and quality. Digital LCD screen shows temperature, humidity, pressure, sterilization time, residual treatment time, and the number of times. Equipped with the printer that can print all of the information needed for the sterilizing procedure including documentation and verification.

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TypeVertical constant temperature heating box type
Door openingManual
Capacity460 L
Sterilization temperature50℃ ± 3℃
Work pressure-60 kPa
Maximum pressure-140 kPa
Humidity (sterilization)45% to 75%
Sterilizing gasEthylene oxide; 1g/L
Sterilization time0 to 99 hrs; adjustable
Vacuum speed-60 kPa in 15 mins
Ventilation cycle3 times; 30 mins interval once
Control systemAutomatic; one-button
DisplayDigital LCD display
Humidity sensorYes; cavity humidity: >45% RH
Pressure sensorYes
Temperature sensorYes; cavity temperature: 50℃ ± 3℃ (within precise range)
Vacuum systemOil free vacuum pump
Heating systemElectric; explosion-proof electric heating device
Alarm systemHigh/low temperature
Protection featuresOver-voltage, over-temperature protection, residual air automatic processing system
Sterilization room material304 anti-corrosion type stainless steel
Outer box materialCarbon steel (thickness 1.8mm) baked plastic powder
Wear partsSeal
Power4.5 kW
Chamber dimensions (W x D x H)960 x 600 x 820 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H)1140 x 800 x 1480 mm
Weight380 kg
Packing dimensions1270 x 930 x 1510 mm

It has an electric heating method

LCD digital display with automatic control system and printer

Built-in sensor: humidity; pressure and temperature for precise and effective control

Explosion-proof electric heating device for convenience

Air replacement through automatic ventilation, 3×cycle ventilation with 30-minute intervals once

Incorporated with casters for easy movements

High and low-temperature sensitivity alarm system

It is used to sterilize catheters, resuscitation bags, anesthesia masks, most fiber-optic instruments, glassware, solution medium, assembled complex devices, Custom procedure packs, equipment with integrated electronics, multi-lumen tubing products, stents, wound care dressings, etc. across the field of pharmaceutical industries, metal & glass industries, hospitals, laboratories and research institutes, etc.

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