Homogenizer LX788H

Homogenizer LX788H

Homogenizer LX788H is a fast homogenizer with 3D rotating high speed motion with a speed range of 4ms to 7ms for efficient disruption. Features easy monitoring of disruption process through transparent lid. Disposable tubes prevent cross contamination or sample degradation.

Speed range2500 rpm ~ 4350 rpm
Pause time1s ~ 90s ( increment 1s )
Samples6 x 2 ml / 1.5 ml / 0.5 ml or 2 x 5 ml grinding tube
Cycle duration1s ~ 90s ( increment 1s )
Acceleration time< 2s
Deceleration time< 2s
Noise< 65 dB
Power144 W
Power supplyAC 100 ~ 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions354 × 218 × 206 mm
Weight8.9 kg

3D rotating high speed motion

Removable sample tube holder

Easy monitoring of process through clear lid

Disposable tubes preventing cross contamination

Complete homogenization duration – 35s

Used for releasing DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes, dairy, food, chemical industries etc.
Accessory No Accessory
H1 Tube holder
H2 Adapter for 3 x 2.0 ml
H3 Adapter for 5.0 ml
H4 DC 24V 6A adapter
H5 2.0 ml grinding tube
H6 5.0 ml grinding tube
H7 Φ 1.4 mm Ceramic beads
H8 Φ 2.8 mm Ceramic beads
H9 Φ 3 mm Metal beads
H10 Φ 6 mm Metal beads
H11 Φ 1 mm Glass beads
H12 Φ 3 mm Glass beads

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