Hand-held Homogenizer LX129HHM

Hand-held Homogenizer LX129HHM

Hand-held Homogenizer LX129HHM is used for rapid organization homogeneous, separation and emulsification. It operates at a maximum speed of 35000 rpm with an optional 0.5~250 ml liquid Handling capacity. It is equipped with adjustable speed and a digital speed display for visual monitoring of parameters. Having easy take-off dispersing head for easy cleaning.

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Speed range8000 rpm ~ 35000 rpm
Rotor line speed6.3 m/sec ~ 14 m/sec
Working noise72 dB
VoltageAC 220 V, 50 Hz
Power input160 W
Power output110 W
Dimensions46 × 55 × 230 mm
Weight0.8 kg

One-handed operational design

Adjustable speed with digital display, Speed is precisely controlled to avoid splashing

Easy to take off dispersing head

Suitable for homogeneous dispersion of a small amount of sample in a small container

High-speed and high-efficiency motor

Optional H-type stand with adjustable height and angle

Used in bio-pharmaceuticals, gene research, organization broken, cell slurring, clinic pathologic analysis, emulsions, nanometre materials scattering, polymerization reaction, cosmetics, ink & paint, fine chemical engineering, pesticide, prospection, environmental protection, energy sources, etc.
Accessory No Handling capacity Outer head diameter Inner head diameter Gap between inner and outer head Min / Max dipping depth Head length Material
HHM-1 0.5 ~ 50 ml 6 mm 3.9 mm 0.1 mm 20 / 90 mm 150 mm 316 L
HHM-2 1 ~ 100 ml 8 mm 6.1 mm 0.3 mm 20 / 107 mm 167 mm 316 L
HHM-3 1 ~ 250 ml 10 mm 7.9 mm 0.3 mm 20 / 120 mm 180 mm 316 L

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