Homogenizer LX789H

Homogenizer LX789H

Homogenizer LX789H is a fast homogenizer with 3D rotating high speed motion with a speed range of 4ms to 7ms for efficient disruption. Features easy monitoring of disruption process through transparent lid. Disposable tubes prevent cross contamination or sample degradation.

Speed range2430 rpm ~ 4260 rpm
Pause time1s ~ 120s ( increment 1s )
Samples24 x 2 ml / 1.5 ml / 0.5 ml or 12 x 5 ml grinding tube
Cycle duration1s ~ 90s ( increment 1s )
Acceleration time< 4s
Deceleration time< 4s
Noise< 70 dB
Power500 W
Power supplyAC 100 ~ 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions280 × 360 × 385 mm
Weight25 kg

3D rotating high speed motion

Removable sample tube holder

Easy monitoring of process through clear lid

Disposable tubes preventing cross contamination

Complete homogenization duration – 35s

Used for releasing DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes, dairy, food, chemical industries etc.
Accessory No Accessory
HA1 Rotor for 24 x 2.0 ml
HA2 Rotor for 6 x 5.0 ml
HA3 Rotor for 12 x 5.0 ml
HA4 2.0 ml tubes
HA5 5.0 ml tubes
HA6 Φ1.4 mm Silica beads
HA7 Φ2.8 mm Silica beads
HA8 Φ3 mm Metal beads
HA9 Φ6 mm Metal beads
HA10 Φ1 mm glass beads
HA11 Φ3 mm glass beads

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