Floor Standing High Temperature Drying Oven LX303FHDOA

Floor Standing High Temperature Drying Oven LX303FHDOA

Floor Standing High-Temperature Drying Ovens LX303FHDOA have a floor-standing design, bottom heating and vertical force convection with dynamic self-diagnostic technology. This technology helps to prevent any failures or damage to the equipment as well as makes detection easy. Detailed purpose: glassware desiccation, laboratory sample, food, chemical material’s heat denaturalization, heat induration, heat intenerating, moisture eliminated, biomedical engineering instrument sterilization, electronic component’s Torre faction and aging.

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Chamber volume225 L
ControlPID microprocessor
DisplayLED display
Convection methodVertical forced convection (Fan)
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature +10℃~300℃
Temperature accuracy±1℃ at 100℃
Temperature fluctuation±1℃
Temperature uniformity±2℃ at 100℃
Shelf size493 x 580 mm
Shelf quantity (std. /max.)2/5 pcs
Power supply220V / 50Hz
Internal dimensions500 x 600 x 750 mm
External dimensions690 x 730 x 1100 mm
Net weight90 kg
Packing dimensions850 x 750 x 1270 mm
Gross weight122 kg

Stainless steel working chamber and powder-coated steel housing with triple-layer toughened glass window

(Internal material) 304 stainless steel working chamber and (external material) powder-coated steel housing

LED display, soft touch, PID microprocessor

Having stainless steel shelf with adjustable shelf

Temperature controller with high-speed and high-performance CPU chip

High-sensitivity and precision PT100 as resistance sensor

Preset programmed control with timing range up to 99 hours for power-on, power-off and working

Multiple alarms for sensor failure, high/low-temperature deviation, over temperature

Can store the parameters given in the memory

Temperature display calibration

Used in industry, mining, laboratories and scientific research for desiccation, Torre faction, wax-melting and sterilization.
Independent temperature control and alarming system to provide dual protections and stop working in case of over-temperature
Inert gas port
Inert gas flow meter

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