Oil Bath Low and Constant Temperature Circulator LX200OBC

Oil Bath Low and Constant Temperature Circulator LX200OBC

Oil Bath Low and Constant Temperature Circulator LX200OBC designed with low-temperature thermostatic tanks adopts an international advanced fluorine-free refrigeration system that provides a liquid environment with controlled cold, heat and even constant temperature for users to work, and directly carries out constant temperature test samples to produce products in the tank, which can be used for direct heating or refrigeration as a temperature source for auxiliary heating or refrigeration. Came with a large-screen bright LCD digital display.

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Capacity6 L
ControlPID automatic temperature control program
Temperature range-10~100°C
Temperature accuracy±0.1°C
Pump flow rate12 L/min
Refrigeration capacity (W)800 (Pure water at 20°C)
Groove depth180 x 140 mm
Power supply220 V
Internal dimension (W x D x H)200 x 200 x 180 mm
Net weight45 kg
Packing dimension470 x 410 x 880 mm
Gross weight50 kg

Enclosed environmental protection compressor refrigeration system, without CFC

Built-in PID automatic temperature control program and high-precision PT100 temperature sensor

Equipped with a large-screen bright LCD screen with a resolution of 0.01℃

Advanced internal circulation function

The fuselage shell adopts anti-aging electrostatic spraying technology, and the inner container and tabletop are made of high-quality S304 brushed stainless steel

User-friendly interface

Temperature range is optional -10 ~ 100℃ (pure water, ethylene glycol, alcohol, etc. are selected as the medium according to the temperature range)

The drainage system can meet the needs of all kinds of laboratories and enterprises for liquid exchange

Safety protection device includes a power-off protection function, upper and lower temperature alarm setting function, low water level protection and alarm function, temperature out-of-control protection and alarm function, the heating device has low water level dry burning prevention, explosion-proof function, compressor overheating and overcurrent multiple protection functions

Used in petroleum, chemical industry, electronic instruments, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medicine and health, life science, light food, physical property testing and chemical analysis, quality inspection and production departments of universities and enterprises.

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