Textile Balance LX105TBL

Textile Balance LX105TBL

It is high precision load cell sensor with compact design with LCD display. The all four side glass shield design offers protection to the weighing sample to weigh accurately as standard. Features with multi weighing unit conversation g, oz, Tex, Nm, Ne, D, g/m2, oz square yard. It offers RS232C Interface easy operation and used in textile enterprises, scientific research institutions etc.

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Weighing capacity210 g
Test sampleChemical fiber silk
SensorLoad cell
Minimum weighing0.004 g
Resolution0.001 g
DisplayLCD (white back light with black font)
Pan sizeФ 90 mm
Operation temp5-25 °C
Repeat ability± 0.002 g
Liner± 0.003 g
Draft shield size240 x 190 x 265 mm
Test modeg, oz, Tex, Nm, Ne, D, glm', ozlyd2
Cal.weight200 g
Packing size475 x 315 x 485 mm
Gross weight10 kgs

Suitable for testing all kinds of yarns, fibers and fabrics

Conversion of seven textile units g, oz, Tex, Nm, Ne, D, g/m2, oz square yard

Work under ambient temperature range 5 to 25°C

Offers 90 mm diameter pan for weighing

It setups time, date, yarn blend code and sample length

Designed with load cell sensor

LCD display with white back light and black font

Print statistics for each weighing value and maximum (Max), minimum (Min), average value (AV), and Uneven rate (CV)

External calibration, windshield and printer to print results

Textile Balance is used in the department for textile enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities etc.

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