Single Beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer LX540SS

Single Beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer LX540SS

Single beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer LX540SS comes with 190 to 1100 nm wide wavelength range, 4 nm bandwidth and silicon photodiode detector. Designed with automatic wavelength setting mode, to avoid operational errors, and to take quick measurements. Advanced ARM system and long optical system ensures precision measurements and good stability.

Optical systemSingle beam, grating 1200 lines/ mm
Wavelength range190 to 1100 nm
Bandwidth4 nm
Wavelength accuracy±1 nm
Wavelength repeatability0.5 nm
Wavelength settingAutomatic
FunctionStandard curve & co efficient method
Photometric accuracy±0.5% T
Photometric repeatability0.3%T
Photometric modeT, A, C, E
Photometric range0.3-3 A, 0-200% T
Stability±0.002A/h @500 nm
Stray light≤0.2%T
Display128 × 64 dots LCD
LampsDeuterium lamp & Tungsten lamp
DetectorSilicon photodiode
OutputUSB port & parallel port (Printer)
PowerAC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Dimension420×280×180 mm
Weight12 kg

Single beam optical system with grating 1200 lines/ mm

Imported deuterium lamp ensures low stray light and photometric accuracy

Digital LCD screen with 2.5 inch clear display

Display wavelength, absorption, transmittance with 5 results per screen

Sets multiple standard curves as per customer’s specific requirement

200 results data memory storage

USB port with connection to the PC’s for Spectrophotometer software

Used for detection of impurities, functional groups, nucleic acids, proteins, sugars etc. across pharmacy, life science, medicine and clinical research laboratories and testing centers.
Accessories No. Name Qty.
1 1cm Glass cuvette 4 pcs
2 Power cord 1 pc
3 1cm quartz cuvette (UV series) 2 pcs
4 Dust cover 1 pc

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