Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX142HA

Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX142HA

It is a floor-standing, fully automatic unit equipped with a built-in printer and a touch screen display to preset the parameters. It has an alarm system to show the completion of the cycle and fault messages are included and a safety electric interlock door system which ensures the safety of the user and also of the equipment. The process of water filling, heating up, sterilizing and drying process are included. It can be used to sterilize various materials in the operation room, labs, oral department, ophthalmology etc.

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Capacity120 L
Designed pressure0.26 Mpa
Designed temperature150 °C
Maximum working pressure0.23 MPa
Sterilization temperature range105 °C to 138 °C, Adjustable
Temperature accuracy0.1 °C
Temperature homogeneity≤ ± 0.5 °C
Chamber materialSUS304 Stainless steel
Water requirementDistilled water or pure water
Chamber dimension500 × 665 mm
Power supply220 V, 50 Hz
Power6.7 kW
Outer dimensions780 × 650 × 1550 mm
Net weight250 kg
Packing dimensions980 × 850 × 1850 mm
Gross weight295 kg

PLC microprocessor control system

Touch screen display to view and preset various parameters

Fully automatic water filling, heating up, sterilizing and drying process

Built-in mini-printer records the Sterilization data

Cycle count function

Alarm system to display fault message on screen and once the water level is lower than the heating pipe

The beep will sound once the sterilization cycle is completed

Provide over-temperature, over-pressure, heater and electric protection

Internal pumps and piping system for water circulation

Automatic release safety valve when pressure in chamber exceeds the desired value

Used to sterilize rubber, liquid, plant-in instrument, dressing, hollow instrument, wrapped and unwrapped items in various like ophthalmology, operation room, laboratory etc.

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