Horizontal Autoclave LX210HA

Horizontal Autoclave LX210HA

It is a horizontal steam pressure autoclave and its heating way is electric heating. It is composed cylindrical double-walled structure, a horizontal double-layer with an internal chamber and an external jacket which is conducive to the steam first entering the jacket for preheating, ensuring the preheating of the sterilization chamber and the uniformity of the drying temperature. Build-in efficient steam generator, water level cut-off sensor, water level indicator and drying function with 0.22µm HEPA filter. The chamber, door, jacket, boiler, water tank, steam generator and pipeline are made of SUS 304 and the outer shell is made of stainless steel sprayed.

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Volume100 L
Chamber volumeØ440 x 720 mm
Working pressure0.22 Mpa
Design temperature134 °C
Working temperature105°C-134°C adjustable
Heat average≤0.1°C
Time for sterilization0-99 min
Time for drying0-99 min
Voltage220V single phase, 220/380V three phase, 50/60Hz
Power6 Kw
Product dimension940 x 690 x 1330 mm
Net weight187 kg
Package dimension1030 x 770 x 1460 mm
Gross weight230 kg

Microprocessor control with LED display and indicator light

Fully automatic water adding, heating, sterilizing, drying exhaust, printing process

Equipped with PT/TT test port

A fault warning system is designed, and fault messages are shown on touch screen display in real-time

Build-in microcomputer temperature control, two pressure gauges and a real-time display for showing the temperature and pressure of the inner chamber

A beep will sound once the sterilization cycle is completed

The door opening mechanism cannot be operated until the pressure in the chamber is reduced to 0.027Mpa. It can't be started if the door doesn't close well

Safety valve will be open automatically when the inner pressure is over 0.24 MPa, the steam will be exhausted to the water link

The whole chamber and water tank are made of stainless steel 304

The timer starts only after the pre-set temperature is reached for complete sterilization

Came with an automatic air venting device that discharges cool air from the chamber to maintain saturated steam

Having advanced features like self-protection from water lacking, a door safety interlock system, automatic release safety valve, emergency exhaust valve, over-temperature, pressure and current auto protection

Used to sterilize rubber, liquid, plant-in instrument, dressings, hollow instrument, wrapped and unwrapped items in various fields like ophthalmology, operation rooms, laboratories, etc.
Drying function
1 stainless steel removable sterilization tray
Trolley (SS304 outer shell)

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