Urine Analyzer LX102UA

Urine Analyzer LX102UA

Urine analyzer LX102UA is a multi-function, simple, convenient, fast, accurate benchtop unit that integrates with advanced technology. It provides easy operation and accurate test results. It works with the measurement principle method artificial intelligence + computer perception technology. Equipped with an LCD touch screen display, a Built-in thermal printer and an RS232 interface, it can be connected to other systems such as a urine sediment or hospital management system. Mass storage capacity of Millions of test data.

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Wavelength525nm, 610nm, 660nm
Measurement PrincipleArtificial Intelligence + Computer Vision Technology
Test ItemsGlucose, Ketone, Specific gravity, pH, Blood, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Leukocyte, Ascorbic acid, Creatinine, Calcium and microalbumin
Test Speed514 Tests/hour
DisplayLCD display
Working EnvironmentTemperature: 15~35℃; Humidity: <85%
InterfaceRS232, WIFI network interface
StorageMass storage. Millions of test results can be stored
PrinterBuilt-in thermal printer
Power Supply20VA AC100~240V ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Package dimension (W x D x H)430 x 420 x 380 mm
Gross weight6 kg

Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen display

It has an automatic calibration function

Built-in high-speed thermal printer and RS232 that can be connected to other systems like urine sediment analysis or hospital management system

514 tests/hr throughput

Can store millions of test data

Used in clinical urine testing, hospital and laboratory, the units can detect and quantify several analysts including bilirubin, protein, glucose, leukocytes, ascorbic acid, etc.

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