Flame Photometer LX400FP

Flame Photometer LX400FP

Flame Photometer LX400FP is a high-quality and high-performance instrument with a color touch screen digital display, used for the determination of the concentration of certain metal ions mainly K and Na. There will be no damage to the equipment as the air supply is oil and moisture-free. The environmental temperature is 10°C to 35°C and relative humidity is ≤ 85%. The flame failures can be easily detected by protection functions for more safe and reliable operation.

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Elements detectedK, Na
Display valueOptical power
Data range0000~9999
Channel quantity2
Aspiration rate<6 ml/min
Response time<8 s
Stability3% drift over 15 S when continuously aspirating
Reproducibility3% coefficient of variation for 7 consecutive samples
LOD ppmK: 0.01ppm
Na: 0.01ppm
RangeK: 0 - 100 ppm
Na: 0 - 160 ppm
LinearityK: 0.195 ppm (0.39 - 3.12) ppm
Na: 0.69 ppm (1.15 - 9.2) ppm
Power supply voltage(220 ± 22) V
Net weight18 kg
Packing dimensions780 x 560 x 390 mm
Gross weight26 kg

7-inch color touchscreen digital display

Direct concentration display with concentration units selectable

Having features like automatic calculation of correlation coefficient, pre-selection of flame sizes and measuring range-changing

Dual mode to study the K and Na testing simultaneously

Protection device for flam sizes

Supports LPG fuel type

High sensitivity and a small amount of sample

Repeatability - 1% CV for 20 consecutive samples

Air compressor including

Used widely in the measurement of alkali elements concentration in all sample types in mineral extraction, Oil Industry, Paper Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Soil Analysis, Utilities, Food & Beverage, Chemical manufacturing and Fertilizer and Clinical laboratory testing and Pathological study in medical health.
Air compressor x 1 pcs
Pu pipe (Air) Φ6 x 4 (2 meter)
Latex pipe (Liquid waste) Φ6 (1.5 meter)
Capillary Φ 1.8 x 0.8 x 180 x 1 pcs
Rubber pipe (Liquefied gas) Φ6 (2 meter)
Liquefied gas regulator x 1 pcs
Locking chuck (Liquefied gas) x 1 pcs
Glass cover x 1 pcs
Cover part (Chimney cover) x 1 pcs
Water trap x 1 pcs
Nebulizer assembly
Capillary injection
Ignition valve
Air regulating valve
Built-in printer

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