TOC Analyzer LX100TOC

TOC Analyzer LX100TOC

TOC Analyzer LX100TOC is applied for the determination of TOC (Total Organic Carbon Content) present in liquid or gas samples by the “Wet Chemical Oxidation Method”. It is equipped with Nitrogen (N2) gas and a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector for the determination of carbon in the range of 0 to 10000 mg/l. It offers 24-bit data solutions with an extended monitoring range, and a controlling system with 32-bit processing technology to substantially increase operation.

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Measurement Range0-10000 mg/l
Detection Limit5 μg/l (ppb)
Detection methodWet chemical Oxidation by UV
ParametersTC, TIC, TOC, NPOC
Sample typeLiquid Sample
Gas RequirementNitrogen ≥ 99.995%
Maximum Salinity85 g/l
Operation ModePC Control
Power2W, AC220V, 50Hz or AC110V, 60Hz
Dimension430 × 455 × 440 mm
Weight24 kg
Packing dimension660 × 610 × 680 mm
Gross weight45 kg

It can analyze TOC, TIC, TC, and NPOC parameters by using an NDIR detector

Signal management system: Online setting, real-time monitoring, self-testing, and flow speed control for high performance and safe operation

Having a different temperature setting for secure complete sample digestion, obtaining more accurate data

Built-in automatic leakage checking and flow rate controlling system

Adjustable cooling module power as per sampling volume, flow rate controlling system, and automatic leak check system

TOC analyzer used in pharmaceuticals, quality control testing of drinking water, waste and sewage water, and industrial water.
Halogen removing material (30g/pack): 2 pack
Quartz wool (0.2g/pack): 2 pack
Sample pad: 2 pcs
Filtration membrane: 1 box
Sample bottle: 1 pcs
Acid bottle: 2 pcs
Waste bottle: 1 pcs
Connecting pipe (3.2 × 1.6 mm): 8 meter
Nitrogen decompression device: 1 set
Power cord: 1 pcs
USB communication line: 1 pcs

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