TOC Analyzer LX101TOC

TOC Analyzer LX101TOC

TOC Analyzer LX101TOC is applied for the determination of TOC (Total Organic Carbon Content) present in liquid or gas samples by the “high-temperature catalytic combustion oxidation Method”. It is equipped with oxygen (O2) gas and a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector for the determination of carbon in the range of 0 to 50000 mg/l. It offers personalized standard curve management, real-time sample measurement, consumables management, easy-to-retrieve measurement records and 680°C catalytic oxidation technology with a platinum catalyst.

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Measurement Range0-1000 mg/l, which can be extended to 50,000mg/L by manual dilution
Detection LimitTC (standard catalyst): 50 μg/l
TC (platinum aluminum catalyst: 100 μg/l
IC: 20 μg/l
Detection methodHigh-temperature catalytic combustion oxidation
ParametersTC, IC, TIC, TOC, NPOC
Sample typeLiquid Sample
Gas RequirementOxygen ≥ 99.995%
Measuring timeTC: approx. 4 min
IC: approx. 3 min
Injection volumeTC: 100-500µL
IC: 100-2000µL
Operation ModePC Control
Power1W, AC220V, 50Hz or AC110V, 60Hz
Weight45 kg
Packing dimension780 × 710 × 610 mm
Gross weight60 kg

It can analyze TOC, TIC, TC, and NPOC parameters by using an NDIR detector

Signal Imported NDIR detector gives higher sensitivity and stability

Having a different temperature setting the highest temperature setting is 1000°C for secure complete sample digestion, obtaining more accurate data

Provide complete IC digestion by acid adding and heating

Precise gas flow control technology improves accuracy

Unique three-stage dehydration technology improves drying technology with liquid and flow control system

Real-time monitoring of diluted and waste water

Multi-functional PC software

TOC analyzer used in pharmaceuticals, quality control testing of drinking water, waste and sewage water, industrial water.
Absorbing bottle assembly: 1 pcs
Waste liquid tank assembly: 1 pcs
Standard catalyst (40g): 2 pcs
Gas pipe (1m): 1 pcs
Rubber hose (50mm): 1 pcs
Stainless steel tube (300mm): 1 pcs
Platinum aluminum catalyst (15g): 2 pcs
Connection pipe A: 8 meter
Quartz plate (10g): 2 pcs
Quartz wool (0.5g): 2 pcs
Halogen complementary (0.4m): 2 pcs
Quartz cotton (5g): 1 pcs
Drain tube (1.5m): 1 pcs
Connecting wire of the liquid level switch: 1 pcs
Scrubber: 1 pcs
Combustion tube B: 2 pcs
Power cable (1.8m): 1 pcs
USB cable (2m): 1 pcs
L-type ferrule joint (ϕ8-ϕ8): 1 pcs
Oxygen regulator: 1 pcs
Sample bottle (125ml): 1 pcs
Acid bottle (250ml): 1 pcs
Filter (ϕ50mm X 0.45um): 2 pcs
O-rings (ϕ 14 X 2mm): 2 pcs
O-rings (ϕ31 X 3.1mm): 2 pcs
O-rings (ϕ13.6 X 1.8mm): 4 pcs
Enhanced halogen remover

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