Triple Stackable Shaking Incubator LX400SCS

Triple Stackable Shaking Incubator LX400SCS

Triple stackable shaking incubator LX400SCS is a threefold chamber shaking incubator with a PID microprocessor controller, LCD display for setting parameters and visualization, a large toughened glass window to view temperature, speed and time. Features various types of alarm functions such as high/low limit over temperature acoustic & visual alarm, high/low limit over speed alarm, continuous running and time setting. Motor over-heat protection, automatic power cut-off in case of temperature out of control or abnormal over-temperature. It is mostly used in germ culture, fermentation, hybridization, and research of biochemical reactions, enzymes and cellular tissue and all those require high temperature and oscillation frequency.

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Volume80 L
Motion typeOrbital/Reciprocal (Switchable)
Shaking speed range30-300rpm
Speed accuracy±1rpm
Display7 inch LCD touch screen
Ambient temperature20°C
Temperature range4~60˚C (Ambient temp 20˚C)
Temperature resolution±0.1˚C
Temperature uniformity±1˚C(37˚C)
Temperature fluctuation≤0.2˚C(37˚C)
Timer range0-999 h 59 min
Convection modelForced air convection
Number of trays1
Tray Dimension (W x D)42 x 400 mm
Inner dimensions (W x D x H)495 x 455 x 370 mm
Max. capacity of flasks250ml x 16
500ml x 9
1000ml x 9
2000ml x 5
LampIllumination lamp / UV lamp
Power580 V
Electrical supplyAC 200~240V 50/60HZ
Exterior dimensions (W x D x H)495 x 455 x 370 mm
Net weight580 x 720 x 580 mm
Packing dimensions100 kg
Gross weight750 x 920 x 780 mm

Speed range extendable to 30-300rpm with temperature range RT+5°C~60°C

Max stacking up to 3 units

Switch between reciprocal/rotary for multipurpose

7’ LCD touch screen display with PID microprocessor controller

Having maintenance-free variable frequency motor, over temperature and speed acoustic & visual alarm

The function of encrypted and locked operating parameters to avoid errors

Features speed saving, power-failure recovery, parameter memory, temperature/speed calibration, time display, and room/working temperature display. Repeat, increment

8-segment curve programming setting

Came-with anti-static plastic coating steel casing with stainless steel inner chamber and tray

Stackable shaking incubator used in biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical, fermentation, microbiology, biochemical experiments, food and environmental protection.

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