Low speed centrifuge LX100LSC

Low speed centrifuge LX100LSC

Low speed centrifuge LX100LSC is a microprocessor controlled table top unit with a speed of 2800 rpm. Integrated with a digital display to set RCF, speed and time required for the operations. Features automated lid lock function to prevent unwanted interruptions during the operation.

Maximum speed2800 rpm
Maximum RCF1180 × g
Maximum capacity6 × 30 ml
Timer range1 ~ 99 min
Speed accuracy± 20 rpm
Noise≤ 55 dBA
Power supplyAC 220 V / 50 Hz, 2 A

Speed - 2800 rpm

Emergency lock which helps in opening the lid when power goes off

Three layers of protective steel covering and stainless steel chamber

Automatic lid lock closes unit effortlessly

Used in the field of biochemistry, in separation of blood components, for analysis in diagnostic laboratories and research institutes
Name of centrifuge Maximum speed ( rpm ) Maximum capacity ( ml ) Maximum RCF ( x g )
Cytology centrifuge 2800 6 x 30 1180

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