Low speed centrifuge LX105LSC

Low speed centrifuge LX105LSC

Low Speed Centrifuge LX105LSC is a crude oil test centrifuge with a speed of 4000 rpm. Integrated with a LCD display which displays parameters like rotor no, speed, time, temperature, RCF. Fast acceleration and deceleration speed function improves the stability. Equipped with emergency lock under the bottom of centrifuge for opening of lid during power failure.

Maximum speed4000 rpm
Maximum RCF2498 × g
Maximum capacity4 x 100 ml
Timer range1 ~ 99 min
Temperature range10 °C ~ 80 ℃
Speed accuracy± 20 rpm
Noise≤ 60 dBA

Speed - 4000 rpm

Microprocessor controlled system with LCD display

Temperature control function helps in maintaining uniform temperature

Band heater ensures quick heating

Electric lid lock system ensures safety

Used to analyze and separate blood components, in performing serological test in hospitals and research institutes
Name of centrifuge Maximum speed (rpm) Maximum capacity (ml) Maximum RCF (x g)
Crude Oil Heating Centrifuge 4000 4 x 100 2498

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