Ductless Fume Hood LX33DFH

Ductless Fume Hood LX33DFH

It is a floor standing unit with microprocessor control system with LCD display. Designed with three levels adjust air flow and 4 universal wheels for easy movement. In this type of mode there are three filters like Pre-Filter& HEPPA Filter& Carbon Filter. Equipped with 1.0mm thickness cold-rolled steel with epoxy resin powder coating and anti corrosive alkali.

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External Size (W x D x H)1500 x 650 x 1900 mm
Internal Size (W x D x H)1425 x 620 x 700 mm
Air Treatment220-1200m3/h
Voltage220 V
Main body1.0mm cold-rolled steel with expoxy resin powder coating
Work Top12.7 mm thick solid physiochemical board, also can choose ceramic and stainless steel worktop
Fan Power48 W - 110 W
LED Power6W - 10W
Rated Power2000 W

Pre-Filter& HEPPA Filter& Carbon Filter

Work Top is 12.7mm thick solid physiochemical board

UV disinfection lamp

Universal wheels

Ductless type of fume hood

UV lamp for effective sterilization of working environment

Used for providing effective working environment for laboratory experiments in various fields of microbiology, chemical, biotechnology, research centers etc.
Accessory No Specifications
1 10A Sockets
2 Fan
3 LCD touch screen
4 UV Lamp
5 Universal caster

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