Walk-in Fume Hood LX12WFH

Walk-in Fume Hood LX12WFH

It is a floor mounted, dual layered unit in which the operator will walk into the fume hood to operate the equipment conveniently and directly. Equipped with external blower adjusts stream speed and memory function in case of power failure. Standard exhaust duct removes toxic fumes and provide excellent chemical resistance.

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External Size (W x D x H)1800 x 800 x 2200 mm
Internal Size (W x D x H)1580 x 600 x 1650 mm
Max Opening1300 mm
Exhaust Airflow Volume1850m3/h
Inflow Air Velocity0.3~0.8m/s
VibrationXYZ direct ≤4μm
Fluorescent Lamp16W x 2
Power SupplyAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz;110 V±10%, 60Hz
Front WindowManual, Toughened glass
Exterior1.0mm cold-rolled steel with bacteria powder coating
InteriorHigh grade melamine board with good acid and alkali resistance function
SocketsTotal load of 4 waterproof sockets: ≤500W
Gross weight390 kg
Package Size (W x D x H)3050 x 1950 x 3140 mm

Adjustable air speed

Memory function

Remote control water and gas valve

4 Waterproof sockets

Large room exhaust system

Anti-corrosive water tap

Used in Hospitals & Pharmaceutical, R & D Centers, Education Institutions, Petroleum and Other Industrial Projects etc.
Accessory No Specifications
1 Blower
2 LED Lamp
3 Water Tap and gas tap
4 PP cup sink
5 Remote control water valve
6 Remote control gas valve
7 Waterproof sockets X 4
8 4 meters PVC exhaust duct

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