18 L Muffle Furnace LX781MF

18 L Muffle Furnace LX781MF

18 L Muffle Furnace LX781MF is a microprocessor controlled chamber with stable PID temperature control system. Equipped with a heating speed of 15 to 30 mins, the chamber adopts vacuum forming ceramic fiber with no power drops off with high temperature. Temperature uniformity with excellent protection of heating elements (HRE) is maintained. One press start button for pre-set programmes with alerting signal for overheating of chamber.

Volume18 L
Maximum temperature1200 °C
Heating elementHRE
Heating speed15-30° C / min
Working temperature1150 °C
Temperature precision± 1 °C
Programmable groups4
Programmable segments32
Chamber materialAlumina Ceramic Fiber
ThermocoupleN style
Voltage220 V
Power5 kW
Dimension ( W x L x H )250 x 300 x 250 mm

High temperature heating alloy wire for heating elements

Heating speed – 15 to 30°C / min

PID controlled temperature controller with a precision of 1 °C

One button press start for pre-programmed functions

Alert signal for overheating of chamber

Heat curve can be preset with the programmable function

4 Programmable group, each group have 8 segment total 32 segment

Used for fusing glass, soldering, brazing, creating enamel coatings, ceramics , research centers, medical laboratories to determine the non-volatile and non-combustible proportion of the sample and for highly sophisticated metallurgical applications
Accessory No Accessory
1 Crucible tong
2 High temperature gloves
Accessory No Accessory
1 Paperless recorder
2 Alumina crucible
3 Stainless steel exhaust chamber

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