Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX167HA

Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX167HA

Horizontal laboratory autoclave LX167HA is a microprocessor controlled automatic autoclave with vacuum drying function and steam generator. Equipped with safety features like motorized interlock door system, over pressure and over temperature protection with automatic temperature recording and thermal printer with effective sterilization temperature of 139°C and 7 inch LCD touch screen for temperature and pressure observation.

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Capacity120 L
Working temperature105 °C to 134 °C
Sterilization temperature139 °C
Sterilization pressure0.245 MPa
Working pressure0.22 MPa
Vacuum pressure- 0.095 MPa
Steam pressure0.4 MPa to 0.8 MPa
Water pressure0.2 MPa to 0.3 MPa
Compressed air pressure0.6 MPa to 0.8 MPa
Sterilization time0 to 999 minutes
Drying time0 to 999 minutes
Sterilization program20 cycles
Display7 inch LCS touch screen
Steam consumption15 kg / cycle
Water consumption80 kg
Power consumption18 kW
VoltageAC 380 V, 50 Hz (three phase)
Inner dimensions ( L × W × H)630 × 400 × 480 mm
Overall dimensions (L × W × H)1295 × 1220 × 1720 mm
Net weight380 kg

Digital LCD display to monitor working status and parameters

Sterilization temperature 139°C

Microprocessor controlled class B type autoclave with vacuum pump

Motorized door type with interlock system

Built in steam generator

Built in thermal printer

SUS304 material

Test type: Leak test, Bowie and Dick test

Widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food industries, scientific research institutes and other units to sterilize and dry clothing, dressings, metal instruments, culture medium, etc.

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