Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX192HA

Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX192HA

Horizontal laboratory autoclave LX192HA is a horizontal, cylindrical pressure steam and microprocessor-controlled unit with fully automatic cycles that disinfect and sterilize objects through saturated steam. Digital LCD screen to monitor working status and parameters. It is equipped with a door lock feature and other essential safety features like auto protection against raised temperature, pressure and current.

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Capacity300 L
Sterilization temperature134 °C
Working temperature range105 -134 °C
Timer range0 - 60 minutes
Heat average≤1 ℃
Chamber volume ( Φ × D )600 × 1080 mm
Outer dimension (L × W × H)1400 × 770 × 1780 mm
Power supply12 kW / 380 V 50 Hz
Net weight365 kg
Packing dimension1680 × 920 × 2050 mm
Gross weight465 kg

Microprocessor control with fully automatic cycles

Built-in steam generator, stainless steel 304 shell

Automated drying function

Door safety interlock feature: The door cannot be opened till the pressure inside the chamber doesn’t falls to 0.027 MPa

Real-time display of the temperature and pressure of the inner chamber and jacket

Safe door lock system ensuring safety/protection during sterilization

Automatic power cut off with alarm for low water levels indication

Removable sterilization tray

Having PT/TT test port

Used in medical, research, microbiological, pharmaceutical, food industry and clinical departments for sterilization and also to sterilize the waste before discarding.

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