Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX202HA

Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX202HA

Horizontal autoclave LX202HA is a easy to use front loading microprocessor controlled autoclave. Fitted with safety valve, steam release valve, pressure gauge and drying function. Automatic power cut off with alarm with low water levels indication.

Capacity280 L
Sterilization Temperature134 °C
Sterilization Pressure0.22 Mpa
Timer Range0 - 99 minutes
Heat Average≤ ± 2 ℃
Chamber Dimensions ( Φ × D )600 × 1000 mm
Product Dimension ( L × W × H )1520×910×1900mm
Net Weight462 kg
Gross Weight570 kg
Power Supply12 kW / 380 V 50 Hz

Digital LCD display to monitor working status and parameters

Working pressure : 0.22 MPa

Working temperature : 134 ?

Automated drying function

Door lock feature : Door cannot be opened till the pressure inside the chamber doesn’t fall to 0.027 MPa

Self-inflating leak proof chamber

Safe door lock system ensuring safety / protection during sterilization

Used in medical, research, microbiological and clinical departments for sterilization and also to sterilize the waste before discarding.

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