Vertical Autoclave LX140VA

Vertical Autoclave LX140VA

Vertical Autoclave LX140VA is a sterilizing mechanism with top loading sterilizer along with safety protection features like an LCD display system, heat protection, Anti-dry heating, safety interlock door, over temperature, pressure and electric protection, Eight double inner locks, lid closing checking, dry scorch protection, Automatic release safety valve. Electric safety protection device and emergency exhaust switch for a safe and effective sterilizing process. It adopts a working environment of 5-45℃ and relative humidity of 10% - 85%. This mechanism is very effectively useful in hospitals, clinical laboratories, research centers, and science colleges for the sterilization of glass wares, biological materials, cultural media, surgical instruments, rubber material, etc.

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Capacity36 Liters
Chamber dimensionφ325 x 525 mm
Stainless steel basket(φ300 x 200)mm x 2
Temperature accuracy0.1℃
Working environment5-45℃, relative humidity 10% - 85%
DisplayLCD screen
Chamber materialAISI316L
Sterilization temperature105 - 138℃
Range of sterilization time1-6000 min
Dissolving temperature40-115℃
Range of dissolving time1-6000 min
Warming temperature40-79℃
Range of warming time1-9999 min
Drying1-300 min
Cooling lock open40-80℃ for liquid cycle, 40-99℃ for other cycles
Sterilization cycle numberCan save up to 60 cycles, record 1000 processes, and USB port
ExhaustAutomatic internal discharging
Exhaust speed can be selected by 6 levels
Opening wayUp and down, one-touch open
Preset range of timerCan be preset and auto-start up to 15 days in advance
Range of pressure gauge-0.1-0.6Mpa
PressureMax working pressure: 0.5Mpa
Design pressure: 0.61Mpa
ControllerFast-speed microcomputer controller
Power supply2300 W, 220V, 16A, 50/60HZ
Dimension460 x 560 x 1030 mm
Net weight95 kg
Package dimension560 x 660 x 1230 mm
Gross weight110 kg

It has an Electric double inner lock for -time monitoring of the opening and closing state

Having the lid locking system through the split column with one key unlock

Background security test

The system monitors the temperature changes in the sterilization chamber in real time

It has a large screen LCD display

Sterilization record storage system which can store 1000 sterilization process

Sterilization through six different exhaust speeds can be selected according to the substances

Sterilization data can be converted into curves through software

Equipped with the cooling process at the end of the sterilization chamber

It can be manually controlled with 0.5 Mpa pressure control

It has two steam collectors with fast speed microprocessor controller

Built-in F0 value calculation function

LCD Vertical Autoclave is used in Biotechnology, microbiology, the medical and healthcare industry, scientific research centers, schools, colleges, and universities for the sterilizing process.
Drying function

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