Vertical Autoclave LX903VA

Vertical Autoclave LX903VA

Vertical Autoclave LX903VA is a top-loading sterilizing mechanism made of stainless steel SUS304 with an in-built steam generator. It’s equipped with a PID processor-controlled system with a digital display to identify pressure, time, temperature, water level, error code, and a touch-type keypad, a safety interlock system that does not allow the door to open until there is no pressure in the chamber, silicon rubber seal for preventing from water leakage. It’s safe equipment for sterilizing glass wares, biological materials, fabrics and culture media in clinical laboratories, research centers, schools, colleges and universities, and the healthcare industry.

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Volume of chamber100 Liters
DisplayDigital display
Sterilizing chamber volumeØ338 x H630 mm
Working pressure0.22 Mpa
Max. working pressure0.23 Mpa
Working temperature134 °C
Adjustment of temperature100 - 134 °C
Sterilization timer range0-999 Minutes
Temperature accuracy0.1°C
Heat average≤ 1℃
Power4.0KW, 110-240V. 50/60Hz
Product dimension570 x 570 x 1180 mm
Net weight85 kg
Package dimension620 x 620 x 1280 mm
Gross weight105 Kg

It has PID processor control, fully automatic running with a digital display to show the working status of pressure, time, temperature, water level, error code, and touch type key

Having a steam generator made of SUS304 fully stainless steel also cools the air, and steam discharges automatically after sterilization

Wing nut locking mechanism, door lock system for safety purposes

Equipped with an automatic power cut-off facility for water shortage conditions

Automatically shut down after the sterilization process completes with a beep voice indication

Equipped with Automatic safety for over-temperature, pressure and current

Tempered glass for anti-scald protection

Double scale indication pressure gauge

User-friendly door structure

Equipped with an automatic water sensor and water level indicator with a draining output tap and water level indicator

Standard PT/TT test interface is provided for convenient testing

Facilitate safety features

With one stainless steel drum and casters with brake

Vertical Autoclave is used in Biotechnology, microbiology, the medical and healthcare industry, scientific research centers, schools, colleges, institutions and universities for sterilizing processes also suitable for items that are high temperature-resisting and high pressure-resisting including unwrapped or wrapped instrument, dressing, rubber, liquid, plant-in instrument, porous item, hollow instrument to be sterilized.
Drying function

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