Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX169HA

Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LX169HA

Horizontal laboratory autoclave LX169HA is a double-door, rectangular, horizontal and triple-layer design fully automatic controlled autoclave that disinfects and sterilizes objects with saturated steam. It has a vertical sliding door with an effective sterilization temperature of 150 °C. Having safety features (like auto door, automatic shutoff preventing current overload, overpressure and temperature protective device, etc.), automatic drainage control system and steam generator user can also set up new cycles using the user-defined cycle to modify the parameters of all preset cycles as needed.

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Capacity600 L
Sterilization temperature150℃
Sterilization pressure-0.1/0.3Mpa
Working temperature range105℃ - 139℃
Working pressure range0 - 0.25Mpa
Temperature control accuracy≤±0.2℃
Temperature display accuracy0.1℃
Sterilization time range0-999min
Drying time range0-999min
Vacuum rate-97Kpa
Temperature equilibrium≤±0.5℃
Safety valve open pressure0.28Mpa
Steam Pressure and the consumption0.3 - 0.6 MPa and 35 kg/cycle
Water source pressure and the consumption0.15 - 0.3 MPa and 220 kg/cycle
Compressed air pressure0.4 - 0.7 MPa
ControlPLC + HMI + Printer
InterfaceUSB, Ethernet
Inner chamber dimension (L × W × H)652 × 690 × 1350 mm
Outer dimension (L × W × H)1400 × 1950 × 1700 mm
Power supply39 kW
Net weight1150 kg
Packing dimension1600 × 2150 × 1900 mm
Gross weight1350 Kg

Front loading, 7-inch colour touch screen display to monitor working status and parameters

Motorized or sliding door with pneumatic sealing to prevent loss of sterile steam

Built-in PLC + HMI+ printer

Built-in standard steam generator

Having 6 present sterilization cycles, 4 User-defined cycles, and Testing cycles (B&D test and vacuum leakage test) and the user can create more new cycles if needed

Contains an aluminium silicate insulating layer for the best insulation technique

Equipped with an independent temperature monitoring system, the controller system has four-level password access, and a pneumatic angle pipeline system with removable filter plugs to prevent clogging

Perfect fault information prompt and fault self-diagnosis function

Door safety interlock feature: The door cannot be opened till the pressure inside the chamber doesn’t fall to 0

Automatic power cut off with alarm with low water levels indication

Used in medical, research, microbiological, pharmaceutical, food industry and clinical departments for sterilization and also to sterilize the waste before discarding.
Loading cart x 1pcs
Transfer trolley x 2pcs
Remote monitoring system
Noise reduction configuration
Data logger
10-inch touch screen
ERP system
Programme Temperature Sterilization time Drying time
Unwrapped instruments 134°C 6 mins 8 mins
Wrapped instruments 134°C 7 mins 15 mins
Textile program 134°C 7 mins 15 mins
Implant program 134°C 10 mins 15 mins
Liquid program 121°C 20 mins No
Rubber 121°C 20 mins 15 mins
Hollow 134°C 6 mins 10 mins
Prions 134°C 18 mins 15 mins
PCD 134°C 3.5 mins 15 mins
Bowie-Dick test 134°C 3.5 mins 5 mins

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